User Manual for Transco Order Number Generation

1.      Preparatory work: Keep ORDER text file ready on desk top of your computer.

2.      Visit

               a.      User Name: Enter your Login Name

b.      Password: Enter your password

c.       Click “Login”

3.      Click “Transco Order Generation” on Main Menu

a.      Department: System will populate itself

b.      File NO.: Enter File number like  A1/468/2007

c.       Section: Select Office from List

d.      Order  Number: System will generate

e.      Order Type: Select from List

f.        Order Category: Select from List

g.      Order  Date: Current System Date will be indicated by System

h.      ABSTRACT: Enter Abstract of ORDER here in English only

j.        Click “Browse”

                                                              i.      Select the Order File at Desk Top

                                                            ii.      Click “Open”

                                                          iii.      Click “Check the Text”. This is to ensure that correct Order text is uploaded. If text is OK, proceed further. Otherwise again Click Browse and repeat steps j(i)  to j(iii)

                                                           iv.      Click “Upload and Generate Order Number”. System will display message, “ Order  number generated successfully”

                                                           v.      System will display Order Number in Order number field. Note down the Order number for noting on Office copy of your Order.

4.      Click “Logout” to exit application

View Orders:

2.      Visit

2.      Click View Transco Order on Main Menu. Select at least ONE parameter for fast search.

3.      Select :

a.      Department: Select Department from List.

b.      Section: Select Office from List

c.       ORDER Type: Select ORDER type from List. If no ORDER Type is selected, System will display Orders of All Types.

d.      Order Category: Select from List

e.      Order Number: Enter Number if you know

f.        ORDER Date: Enter definite Date if you know in DDMMYYYY format (For example 01032007 for 01-03-2007). Otherwise enter Range, From Date To Date. If you keep To Date as Blank, system will display Orders up to Current date.

g.      Search Text: You can enter Search Text here. System will search for these words in ABSTRACT of ORDER but not in Text Body of ORDER.

h.      Click Search. System will display ORDER(s) which meets the selected parameters

j.        Click “select” of Relevant ORDER record to view and print.